North Shore (Houston) High School Football is Ranked #2 in Texas: Why?

North Shore (Houston) High School Football is an impressive feat, being Ranked #2 in all of Texas. It’s an incredible accomplishment, and it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players and coaches at North Shore (Houston). In this blog post, we’ll explore why North Shore (Houston) High School Football is Ranked #2 in Texas, looking at the team’s successes, training methods, and more.

History of the program

North Shore (Houston) High School’s football program has been around since the 1960s and is currently Ranked #2 in Texas. The Mustangs have earned two state championships and won their district titles a total of six times. The school has also produced a number of outstanding players who have gone on to play in college and professional football. In the 1990s, the team had a string of successful seasons, winning several district titles and making it to the state playoffs. In 2003, the Mustangs finished with an 11-2 record and reached the state semifinals. This set the stage for what would become a dominant run by the program over the next decade.

The coaching staff

At North Shore (Houston) High School Football, it’s not only the players that have made them Ranked #2 in Texas, but also their incredible coaching staff. Led by head coach Jon Kay, the coaching staff is an experienced group of professionals that understand the importance of winning while instilling a sense of discipline and sportsmanship to their student athletes. Coach Kay has been leading the program since 2011 and has overseen five district championships and three state championship appearances in his tenure. He is also backed up by a great staff of assistants who have their own impressive backgrounds in the game of football. The assistant coaches have over 60 years of combined coaching experience and provide valuable insight and support to the team. All of the coaches are united in the mission of developing successful student athletes and maintaining the high-level standard of football that has come to be expected from North Shore (Houston) High School Football.

The players

North Shore (Houston) High School is home to some of the best football talent in the entire state of Texas. The team’s success is largely due to its talented and dedicated roster of players. With a combination of experienced veterans and younger prospects, the team has created a balanced roster of depth and skill.
The coaching staff has helped develop their players into some of the top recruits in the country. Each year, the team produces several Division I prospects and has seen many players go on to play college and even professional football. This commitment to player development has played a major role in North Shore (Houston) High School Football’s success and the team’s current ranking of #2 in the state.
The coaches take pride in the development of their players, not only from a football perspective, but also as people. The team has a great sense of camaraderie and togetherness, which helps foster an atmosphere of success both on and off the field. The players work hard both in practice and during games and it pays off with the results they get on the field.

The facilities

North Shore (Houston) High School Football is ranked #2 in Texas and part of the reason why is due to their great facilities. The school boasts a state-of-the-art stadium with a seating capacity of over 10,000 and an AstroTurf field. Additionally, they have a full weight room, locker rooms, and practice fields. All of these facilities are top-notch and allow the players to train and practice to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, North Shore has access to a wide variety of equipment such as specialized helmets, shoulder pads, and other safety gear. This makes it easier for coaches and players alike to focus on developing their skills rather than worrying about the condition of their equipment.

The support from the community

North Shore (Houston) High School Football is Ranked #2 in Texas, and this level of success would not be possible without the support of the local community. Fans from across the city come together to cheer on the Mustangs each week, creating an atmosphere unlike any other in Texas. The team is also supported financially by local businesses who often donate money and supplies to help with the cost of equipment and travel. Additionally, many parents volunteer their time and resources to ensure that the players have everything they need for a successful season. Without the support of North Shore’s loyal fanbase, it would not be possible for the team to reach such a high ranking.


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