The DeSoto Eagles Soar to Number Three in Texas High School Football Rankings

The DeSoto Eagles have achieved an amazing feat: they have been Ranked #3 in Texas for high school football. This is a remarkable accomplishment for the team, especially considering the number of talented teams competing in the state. The Eagles have worked hard to reach this point, and their commitment and passion for the game has paid off. It is no surprise that the DeSoto Eagles have soared to the number three spot in the Texas High School Football Rankings.

A Tradition of Excellence

The DeSoto Eagles are proud to be Ranked #3 in Texas for high school football. This success is a testament to their long-standing tradition of excellence. The DeSoto Eagles have been a top contender in Texas football since the school’s inception in 1969. Over the years, they have consistently been a competitive team, competing in and winning numerous district, regional, and state championships. The DeSoto Eagles have established themselves as a powerhouse program and have developed an impressive legacy that continues to make them one of the top teams in the state. With such a strong foundation of success, it’s no wonder the DeSoto Eagles are Ranked #3 in Texas.

A Winning Program

The DeSoto Eagles have built an impressive program that is worthy of their ranking as the third best high school football team in Texas. Led by head coach Todd Peterman, the Eagles have gone 35-5 over the past three seasons, with a 5-2 record this season. The DeSoto Eagles have reached at least the regional semifinals each year since 2017, and have won two state championships in the last four years. The team has also been ranked in the top 25 nationally since 2017.
The Eagles’ success is not based on luck alone. Coach Peterman and his staff emphasize both athleticism and academic excellence, creating a culture that rewards hard work and dedication. The team puts in long hours on the practice field, perfecting their craft, while also striving to make sure their players maintain strong grades in the classroom. This commitment to excellence has led to multiple accolades for individual players, including a number of scholarship offers from Division I programs across the country.
The winning culture that exists within the DeSoto Eagles program has been rewarded with their #3 ranking in Texas high school football. It is clear that the team is determined to continue their success and build upon the legacy they have created.

Top-Notch Coaching

The DeSoto Eagles have been ranked #3 in Texas for high school football due in large part to the great coaching staff led by Head Coach Claude Mathis. Coach Mathis brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, having coached and developed numerous student-athletes over his career. Mathis has led the Eagles to back-to-back District Championships, a Bi-District Championship, and a Regional Championship. He understands what it takes to build a successful program and is dedicated to helping each of his athletes reach their full potential. The DeSoto Eagles are fortunate to have such an experienced and talented leader at the helm, as they continue their tradition of excellence.

A Commitment to Academic Achievement

The DeSoto Eagles have been ranked #3 in Texas high school football rankings for several years now, and their success is due in part to their dedication to academic achievement. The Eagles’ coaches and staff place an emphasis on ensuring that their players succeed both on and off the field, with a strong focus on academics. They require their players to maintain good grades and attend classes regularly, and they also offer tutoring services and mentorship opportunities to help ensure students are successful in their studies. The DeSoto Eagles understand the importance of a good education, and they strive to provide their players with the resources they need to excel in their studies. The team’s commitment to academic excellence helps them stay competitive and reach their goals both on the field and in the classroom.

A Diverse and Inclusive Community

The DeSoto Eagles football team is Ranked #3 in Texas for a reason: the team’s commitment to excellence is supported by a vibrant and diverse community. The school district is composed of many different ethnic backgrounds, faiths, and cultures, each contributing their unique perspectives to the program.
In addition to its diversity, the DeSoto Eagles football team is also deeply committed to creating an inclusive environment. The team embraces students of all races, genders, backgrounds, and abilities and works hard to create an atmosphere of acceptance. This culture of inclusion helps foster respect and understanding between players, coaches, staff members, and fans alike.
The combination of excellence and inclusivity has resulted in an incredible football program that proudly stands at number three in Texas. The DeSoto Eagles’ success on the field is a testament to their commitment to developing not only strong athletes but also strong citizens who can make a positive impact in their community.


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